Cabled Socks

Socks take forever. Cabled socks take even longer. And when you run out of yarn after the first sock, it takes much, much longer. Approximately six months. I panicked after not finding the yarn anywhere, and after six months of searching I finally found some online. So since I’m home for Christmas break, I finished them! Hand-knit socks are the best. I like these. The cable kept the socks interesting.

Quick Knits

I have been super busy this week because I have three midterms within five days..yay college. So I’ve been really into quick, simple knits, that show results fast! So yesterday, I started Ardelle by Ellen Bartz, and it was such a great hat to knit! I used size 9 circular needles, and Berroco Pure Merino Wool, which is beautiful. I actually ran out of yarn, so I’m having my mom send me some more. But once I get it, I’ll only need to spend another twenty minutes on it.

I also made this Anthropologie Inspired Braided Headwrap by Jen Geigley today. I used Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, with size 13 needles. It took me, collectively, only about an hour to knit. And you don’t even have to make button holes! I’m super ready to wear it, even though I would never wish for cold weather so early. I still have a ton of the chunky yarn left, so I kind of want to design my own. We’ll see!

Flower mittens!

So these are the mittens I’ve been working on! The flower pattern is almost completely from the Pressed Flower Mitts pattern by Meredith Ramirez on! But the rest, I kind of just made up!

I’m about half way through the second mitten, and I’ve shaped them to fit my hands perfectly. I can’t wait to wear them! The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, and I got the cutest baby needles! The yarn is really thin, so I decided to use the size 2, 9″ circular needles. I’m thinking about lining them, but I’m not sure. Maybe with some thin fleece or something. 🙂 Because though it was nearly eighty degrees today, it’s definitely getting colder each day. Yay.