A New Design Coming Soon!

So I have realized something about myself. The thing is that I pretty much only knit with fingering weight yarn these days. In my stash I pretty much have an equal amount of all the weights, but the fingering weight has a lot more turnover than the others. I don’t remember the last time I pulled some worsted weight out of my shelves and used it. But that’s ok! Because fingering weight is beautiful and fun to work with.

IMG_7942At any given time, I try to have at least one project going that I’m designing. In the last couple of weeks I have been working on a shawl pattern with two different colors of fingering weight yarn. One of the skeins was a gift from my best friend – she got it on her family vacation in Chincoteague from a LYS. It is merino wool and it’s the most beautiful light blue with purple and green hues. The other skein was also a gift, this time from my boyfriend’s mom who is also a knitter. It’s String Theory Caper Sock, which is a merino and cashmere blend. This one also has the most interesting colors in it – dark blue, purple, & green.

I wanted to knit an asymmetrical triangular shawl because that’s my favorite shape of shawl (to be honest I never wear them as shawls, but rather scarves). It’s the best shape in my opinion. I made an eyelet pattern mixed with a lot of garter and I’m really happy with how it turned out! It is currently being test knitted by a friend of mine, so more details will be coming soon!

Assana Wrap – finished!

Well, I did it. I powered through the millions of rows of garter stitch and onto the lace and then poof it was done! Let me just say, this was the perfect tv knitting project. Well, the garter sections were. And I LOVE how this turned out. I love my colors and I love the way the yarn feels, and yum in general. Now here are some pictures taken in a cemetery in freezing temperatures!


I really liked the construction of this wrap – working increases from one pointed end and decreasing for the other end. I liked that it was mostly symmetrical, and that there were not only relaxing garter knitting, but also a cool lace pattern to keep my interest.

Assana 2

It ended up being really long, so I’m able to wrap it twice around my neck! It’s super warm and lovely. You guys should knit it! Look; I’m even giving you the link so you can knit it right now! The pattern is Assana Wrap by Ambah O’Brien.

My Red Sox


For every birthday, holiday, or just because, I knit things for my friends and family. Almost always, I’m rushing to finish the gift. For some reason, I cannot for the life of me mail birthday presents or cards on time. Why? I do not know. I need help in this department. But at least I send them eventually, right? RIGHT.

Anyway, TODAY is my college roomate (and very close friend’s) 25th birthday. I didn’t start a gift until 3 days ago, but I’m chugging along! She is a fan of the Boston Red Sox, and so, I am doing my part to make sure she has a full wardrobe of Red Sox gear (she has a snuggie and it is great). I’m using the Hyak pattern from my last post but these ones have a very different look. The yarn is Berroco Comfort which is super soft & durable, but also happens to be very cheap! I like it when these things work out for my bank account. (Patting myself on the back for this one). Again, I would highly recommend this pattern for someone who wants to get into sock knitting because you get to use worsted weight yarn and size 4 & 5 needles! They go so quickly! In this case, I added a third color and I’m really liking how they look.

Hopefully I can finish these this weekend and mail them out after a quick wash & block!

Hyak Socks

Do you ever get project envy? Because I do, all the time. I’ll see someone knitting socks at the shop, for example, and then I immediately want to start a pair of socks. This used to be a big problem for me because then I would just have like 7 projects going at once, but in the last couple of years I have made a 3 project limit.

A couple of weeks ago I had project envy when a customer showed me the pair of socks she was knitting. I decided I neeeeeeded to knit some socks too. So I looked around on Ravelry and found these awesome marled (no surprise there) socks called Hyak by Kim Swingle from Tolt Yarn & Wool. The yarn used for the pattern is an aran weight marled yarn as well as a solid. We don’t have many marled yarns in that weight with any content of nylon so I decided to switch up the yarn requirements a bit. Instead, I used two fingering weight yarns – Millamia & Diamond Select Footsie. It was a little bit of extra work considering I held two strands at the same time and still had to switch frequently, but I love how they turned out!


I shipped this pair off to a friend in Portland, Oregon! I have made this pattern my March KAL at the shop so I’ll be making more in the future! I would have to say this is a great pattern for knitters who want to delve into sock knitting – the pattern is easy to follow and aran weight yarn on size 5 needles is so quick!


Master Knitter Course

About a year and a half ago, I learned that there is a Master Knitter Course through The Knitting Guild Association. In January I finally bought the course and have just started! On the left is my preliminary swatch which helped me to decide which size needles to use in the remainder of my swatches (there are 18 in total). On the right is swatch #1, 2×2 ribbing and garter stitch.


There are specific instructions for each swatch, ranging from garter, ribbing, and stockinette to lace and cables. These swatches are forcing me to pay close attention to my tension on knit rows vs. purl rows, as well as any gaps between knits & purls in my ribbing. Next will be swatch #2 which consists of ribbing & stockinette, and swatch #3 which is seed stitch. I’m hoping to complete at least two swatches per week! I’ll then need to block each swatch. After they’re all blocked I’ll need to fill out information sheets about gauge as well as the cast ons & bind offs.

Level 1 also includes reports on blocking and knitting a colorwork mitten, but for now I’m sticking to the swatches! Wish me luck!



WIP – Assana Wrap

In February I’ll be leading a knit-along at the shop, and I’ve already started it because I literally could not wait. This pattern is Assana Wrap by Ambah O’Brien, whose designs I have been loving lately. They’re interesting yet not too complex, which is the perfect type of pattern for a KAL. We need KAL patterns to offer new skills for participants, but also not be too difficult so that they have to rely on us for constant help. fullsizerender-89

I’m using Baah La Jolla, a merino & nylon fingering weight yarn, pictured above. I’m using Over the Moon as my MC, Slate as CC1, & Bronze as CC2.This is one of my favorite fingering weight yarns because once it’s blocked, it is light and airy and soft. They also have a great color palette, including speckled and variegated yarns (though I usually stick to the solids – what can I say, my color choices are super predictable & I know what I like!)  I had to size up to US #5 32″ circular needles because I’m a bit of a tight knitter. I’m using the Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina needles and completely LOVE them. In fact, I’m thinking about getting an interchangeable set of them because they’re so smooth & pointy!

I have completed the Increase Section & Even Stripe Section, and have begun the Assana Even Lace (Chart A). The lace is not difficult because you can easily see the pattern that is forming! I would definitely recommend this pattern so far! We’ll see if I can make it last through February!




You know when you’re feeling really inspired so you just want to keep knitting until the inspiration goes away? Well that’s what I did last weekend. I made a couple of things, one of them being this marled scarf!

I know, I talk about marled knits all the time. But I just can’t help it! They are pretty and cool.

This scarf is made with size 35 needles (!!!) which are massive and make your knits go so quickly! I used 2 strands of super bulky weight yarn together to create the marled look. The pattern is just a simple broken rib, and of course the fringe adds some spunk. The pattern is available here FREE to all! I hope you guys like it as much as I do!


Materials needed:

  • Super bulky weight yarn) 150 yards of Main Color & 140 yards of Contrast Color – I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Fisherman (MC) & Claret (CC)
  • #35 needles
  • Tapestry needle
  • 6″ piece of cardboard (for fringe)
  • Crochet hook


Flicker Hat


The past couple of months, my roommate and I have been doing a collaborative project called Stitch Party. I knit infinity scarves and colorwork hats, and she embroiders wall hangings and little notebooks. We’ve had a great response so far, and have been selling them at a local Tea Shop as well as Artist Markets. We are very excited to be able to show off our crafts! (You can follow us on instagram at @stitch_party )

The hat shown above is one of the hats I’ve been making for Stitch Party, and I received so many questions about the pattern. So I decided to write it and publish it on Ravelry! I have been using Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick, but prefer the yarn I used in the above picture, Sublime Lola (a super bulky weight merino wool yarn). It is unbelievably soft and the color palette is top notch. And of course, the pom pom makes it.

This hat is the perfect project for a beginner knitter who wants to enter into the world of simple colorwork! It is also a quick knit and makes a great gift!

Materials needed:

  • Super bulky weight yarn (60 yards of Main Color & 30 yards of Contrast Color)
  • 16” circular needles, #11 & #13
  • 1 set of DPNs, #13
  • Tapestry needle

For more info, please check out the pattern on Ravelry here!

Labor of Love Socks


Guys. These were some damn laborious socks.

This pattern is John Huston, The Tarnished Hero by Rachel Coopey. They were a super fun knit, but the stress came upon me when I realized I was not going to finish them in time for Christmas. They were for my boyfriend and so I made up some excuse as to why we needed to exchange after the holidays were over. Alas, I finished them and he LOVES them! So yay! It was a really interesting pattern because I got to cable on the wrong side AND do a lot of purling through the back loop. It was nuts.


Also, check out my instagram and ravelry page for updates on my other projects!

The Unnamed Blanket

Greetings! I am stressed. Stressed about how many WIPs I have. It’s one of the only things that is stressful in my life right now and it feels silly because it’s knitting. But I have a problem in which I need to start a million projects. I used to have this rule: I can only have 3 projects at a time. But that rule went out the window when I started leading knit-alongs at the shop, as well as knitting samples for the shop. Those projects “didn’t count” because they weren’t for personal knitting purposes. The way my mind justifies things…it’s scary.

So I’m now on this project finishing kick, which happens every year or two. The goal is to get down to zero projects so that I can feel good about starting new ones! So I finally finished something and I’m really excited about this one because it’s a big one.

My parents lent me one of their cars for the year because they’re amazing and lovely and I love them very much. Also because my commute grew from within walking distance to “no way am I walking there” distance. I wanted to repay them in some way, but not with money because I don’t have any of that stuff. So, I thought, what about a huge ass blanket!? So I started designing this really cabley blanket pattern and shortly after picked out the yarn for it; I settled on Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky in the colorway Tiger’s Eye because it’s chunky and would go relatively quickly (or so I thought) and it matched their brown leather couch. So I started knitting this blanket and used about 4 of the 11 skeins I had bought, and then it was Christmas. So I put it down and didn’t pick it up again until May…oops. Then I sped through it and finally finished it two weeks ago! I gave it to them this past weekend and they loved it! Oh, and they ended up just giving me the car for good which means freedom, but also a shiny new car insurance bill! Anyway, here’s another picture of the blanket! I have not yet come up with a name, so hopefully something comes to me soon. I’d like to write up the pattern and put it on Ravelry eventually!


FullSizeRender (40)