Dad Sweater

My dad has begged me for 13 years to knit him a sweater. Ever since I learned, he’s been one of my biggest supporters and can you blame him? I mean, who doesn’t like hand-knit things? Monsters, that’s who.

So the man wants a sweater; a simple, warm pullover. I decided to use Rowan Hemp Tweed because it’s warm but is still a blend (so he won’t overheat in this thing!) Hemp & wool seems like the perfect fiber combo. Plus it’s a tweed yarn, my favorite! I had him pick out a stitch pattern and ambitiously decided to design it myself. He chose a chevron pattern with just knits and purls. I have never designed a sweater before but I used Karen Templer’s Improv Sweater post as a guideline. I created charts on my KnitBird 2.0 software and began!

A couple weeks later, I was only a few inches into the project and decided it was just way too much. Too much improv for a giant man sweater, too much time, too much brain power being used. So I frogged it! Then I chose a simple pattern to follow, Adirondack Pullover by Elizabeth Morrison. It has a broken rib and I think it looks like exactly what he wants. Below you can see my progress! I am trying to get to the armholes by next Sunday so he can try it on!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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