Needle Organization

So I’m 24 years old, living in an apartment with 2 other awesome ladies, 2 cats, and a fish. Even though we have an extra bedroom and a studio, there’s still not enough room for all my craft supplies. I have a table-top loom, 2 sewing machines, and way more needles & yarn than I need. So lately I’ve been trying to organize and de-stash, as well as put all of that information on ravelry so I know what I have. We’re having a Stash Sale at the shop next weekend and I’m ready to get rid of stuff I’ll never use!

The continuous struggle I have is organizing my circular needles. I feel like I organize them once a week, yet whenever I try to find a needle, I have to take all of them out of the case to actually get the one I’m looking for. In true Kylen fashion, this has gone on for years and I’m finally just now making an effort to change it! I found some inspiration on Pinterest, and these are my favorites!


Someday I’ll have an entire room to house my craft supplies, but for now this will have to do. Do you guys have any suggestions?


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