Finding My Fade

I don’t know how or when I became the kind of knitter who frogs a whole section of knitting on a whim, but it happened. I have been having a really difficult time with this shawl not because of the pattern, but because of the colors. I had to choose 7 colors and I’ve already changed the order of my colors/omitted some about 4 times. I also ran out of my second color, and had to make up for it in the other sections. I’ve realized that I usually rely on textured stitches to create an interesting piece, rather than numerous colors. This is something I’d like to work on this year!

So pictured below is my Fade shawl and I had finished the whole next section with that skein of turquoise yarn, but then found a different color in my stash and frogged it all. And I didn’t even mind because I know I’ll wear this shawl all the time once it’s finished! It’s always worth it to frog a bit if you know the finished piece will look better; you don’t want to have any regrets!

IMG_8955 (3).JPG

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