Let’s talk about frogging.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
My new start!

When you’re a type B knitter, you don’t do much frogging. You just k2tog where you have an extra stitch or drop down and create a yarn over. I started out as a Type B knitter and have migrated more towards the middle, which I like about myself. I don’t frog/tink if it’s something I can fix from above, but I’m also not afraid to rip the whole thing out to make it look better.

I recently went to the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival and stupidly thought I didn’t need to make a firm budget. HA WHAT A FUNNY JOKE. Turns out I’m a money-spending maniac when let free at a yarn festival. Whoa. So I spent a lot of money but we’re not going to talk about it anymore and that’s that.

I bought a lot of hand-dyed yarn because I think it’s the coolest thing ever, and totally appreciate all the work that goes into each skein. I had been eyeing Andrea Mowry’s Find Your Fade shawl for a couple of months and realized that this would be the perfect place to get my yarn! I chose a variety of grays fading into greens, fading into blues. I had to buy 7 skeins of yarn that looked good together and this was really hard for me, being the indecisive lady that I am. So I had my best friend and the woman from Oink Pigments (clever name, amirite?) helping me out. But when I got home that night and wound the yarn, I realized that one of the skeins just didn’t fit. I started it anyway, convincing myself that “yellow is ok and it will look fine” even though I kind of despise yellow most of the time. So I finished the first color and moved on to the second color and then was like WAIT NO IT’S YELLOW. I frogged the whole damn thing. Honestly it hadn’t taken me that long and so it was a fine frogging experience. So I re-started it, moving some of the colors around and now I’m excited again!

People always ask me how I got so proficient in fixing mistakes – it’s about 65% of my job at the shop. I always say “I made a lot of mistakes when I first started knitting and didn’t have anyone to help me, so I just figured it out!” My biggest piece of advice for new knitters is to experiment and try to just wing it. Type A knitters don’t like it when I say that but it’s true! And frogging – well, I say try to fix your mistakes first, and then frog if it’s still wrong. If you always frog, how will you learn to fix a dropped stitch or a wrongly placed yarn over?

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
My colors for Find Your Fade! I’m eliminating the skein with the yellow & switching the grays in the beginning!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Before I frogged.

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