A New Design Coming Soon!

So I have realized something about myself. The thing is that I pretty much only knit with fingering weight yarn these days. In my stash I pretty much have an equal amount of all the weights, but the fingering weight has a lot more turnover than the others. I don’t remember the last time I pulled some worsted weight out of my shelves and used it. But that’s ok! Because fingering weight is beautiful and fun to work with.

IMG_7942At any given time, I try to have at least one project going that I’m designing. In the last couple of weeks I have been working on a shawl pattern with two different colors of fingering weight yarn. One of the skeins was a gift from my best friend – she got it on her family vacation in Chincoteague from a LYS. It is merino wool and it’s the most beautiful light blue with purple and green hues. The other skein was also a gift, this time from my boyfriend’s mom who is also a knitter. It’s String Theory Caper Sock, which is a merino and cashmere blend. This one also has the most interesting colors in it – dark blue, purple, & green.

I wanted to knit an asymmetrical triangular shawl because that’s my favorite shape of shawl (to be honest I never wear them as shawls, but rather scarves). It’s the best shape in my opinion. I made an eyelet pattern mixed with a lot of garter and I’m really happy with how it turned out! It is currently being test knitted by a friend of mine, so more details will be coming soon!

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