Assana Wrap – finished!

Well, I did it. I powered through the millions of rows of garter stitch and onto the lace and then poof it was done! Let me just say, this was the perfect tv knitting project. Well, the garter sections were. And I LOVE how this turned out. I love my colors and I love the way the yarn feels, and yum in general. Now here are some pictures taken in a cemetery in freezing temperatures!


I really liked the construction of this wrap – working increases from one pointed end and decreasing for the other end. I liked that it was mostly symmetrical, and that there were not only relaxing garter knitting, but also a cool lace pattern to keep my interest.

Assana 2

It ended up being really long, so I’m able to wrap it twice around my neck! It’s super warm and lovely. You guys should knit it! Look; I’m even giving you the link so you can knit it right now! The pattern is Assana Wrap by Ambah O’Brien.

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