Hyak Socks

Do you ever get project envy? Because I do, all the time. I’ll see someone knitting socks at the shop, for example, and then I immediately want to start a pair of socks. This used to be a big problem for me because then I would just have like 7 projects going at once, but in the last couple of years I have made a 3 project limit.

A couple of weeks ago I had project envy when a customer showed me the pair of socks she was knitting. I decided I neeeeeeded to knit some socks too. So I looked around on Ravelry and found these awesome marled (no surprise there) socks called Hyak by Kim Swingle from Tolt Yarn & Wool. The yarn used for the pattern is an aran weight marled yarn as well as a solid. We don’t have many marled yarns in that weight with any content of nylon so I decided to switch up the yarn requirements a bit. Instead, I used two fingering weight yarns – Millamia & Diamond Select Footsie. It was a little bit of extra work considering I held two strands at the same time and still had to switch frequently, but I love how they turned out!


I shipped this pair off to a friend in Portland, Oregon! I have made this pattern my March KAL at the shop so I’ll be making more in the future! I would have to say this is a great pattern for knitters who want to delve into sock knitting – the pattern is easy to follow and aran weight yarn on size 5 needles is so quick!


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