Master Knitter Course

About a year and a half ago, I learned that there is a Master Knitter Course through The Knitting Guild Association. In January I finally bought the course and have just started! On the left is my preliminary swatch which helped me to decide which size needles to use in the remainder of my swatches (there are 18 in total). On the right is swatch #1, 2×2 ribbing and garter stitch.


There are specific instructions for each swatch, ranging from garter, ribbing, and stockinette to lace and cables. These swatches are forcing me to pay close attention to my tension on knit rows vs. purl rows, as well as any gaps between knits & purls in my ribbing. Next will be swatch #2 which consists of ribbing & stockinette, and swatch #3 which is seed stitch. I’m hoping to complete at least two swatches per week! I’ll then need to block each swatch. After they’re all blocked I’ll need to fill out information sheets about gauge as well as the cast ons & bind offs.

Level 1 also includes reports on blocking and knitting a colorwork mitten, but for now I’m sticking to the swatches! Wish me luck!



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