Marled Fever

Every time there’s some sort of fashion trend I partake in, I’m convinced it’ll be in style forever. Like bell bottoms, wearing ties in 5th grade to look like Avril Lavigne, etc. I feel this happening again with this marled trend as well, but I can’t stop loving it. So almost everything of what I want in a knitted garment or accessory has to do with some sort of marled aspect.

I recently made this really neat yet simple top, called the Beach Tank by Jess Schreibstein – pattern found here. I love wearing neutrals. Knowing this about myself, I chose my yarn carefully. I used Rowan Softyak DK in Cream and Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in a Mushroom colorway. These yarns held together created the perfect marled look. I love this tank so much, partly because of the wearability, and also because it looks very simple, which is a look that I like a lot. I’ve never really been a summer yarn type of lady (i.e. linen, cotton, hemp) but have discovered that they’re actually quite nice to knit with in the summer! Plus, making garments I’ll actually wear is fun because let’s face it : knitting is not the cheapest hobby; it’s good to actually get my money’s worth.

To prove my love for marled knits, here are examples of two hats I’ve designed. Chicago Hat – the most creative name ever, because I was in Chicago at the time of knitting this. (I’m terrible at naming things, as well as captions. I’ve learned this about myself and have come to accept it). And then there’s Thisbe Hat. Again, really simple knits that show off the famous marled look I’ve been speaking of!


I’m hoping to further my design experience these days, and I’m sure many of my designs will include this sweet knitwear trend! Not upset about it one bit.

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