New pattern: Lined Ombré Cowl

Five different shades of worsted weight yarn (approx. 50 yds of each; CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, CC5)
50 yds of worsted weight yarn; this will be your main color (I used white)
150-200 yds of worsted weight yarn (for inside of cowl; I used alpaca)
size 9, 24″ circular needles
tapestry needle
tape measure
crochet hook
scrap yarn

Using scrap yarn, do a provisional cast-on.
CO 40 sts.
Begin color pattern.

Color pattern:
With CC1, knit in stockinette st for 4 rows, working back and forth on needles
With MC, knit 2 rows
CC1: knit 8 rows
MC: knit 2 rows
CC1: knit 8 rows
MC: knit 2 rows
CC1: knit 4 rows

*repeat color pattern, next alternating with CC2 and MC, and repeat until you have used all five colors.

Next, take out the provisional cast-on and make it so that the wrong sides of the cowl are facing each other. Use kitchener stitch to seam them together.

Using alpaca (or yarn of your choice), pick up and knit 130 sts along top of cowl, then join. You will now be working in the round. Knit in the round until the inside reaches the length of the outside of the cowl. Bind off loosely. Holding the wrong sides together, seam the edges together using your preferred seaming stitch. Voila!

Keep knittin’! 

2 thoughts on “New pattern: Lined Ombré Cowl”

  1. I'm 1+ year into knitting and have done several projects with scarves and cowls, flat knitting and knitting in-the-round. No cabling yet, but slip stitch and herringbone stich are my most difficult so far. This cowl pattern is not only brilliant (love a softer inner layer for warmth!), but is the perfect “next step” for me! Some methods/terms used here I don't yet know, but can easily look up. Just the right amount of challenge, with a very cool cowl to show for it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks so much for the compliment! If you have any questions about the pattern/techniques, let me know! I'm impressed that you're already doing herringbone though, that's a tough one. Keep it up!


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