Bikini Bottom

So my friends and I are living in an off-campus house this year, and we’ve named it Bikini Bottom (after Spongebob, in case you didn’t get the reference.)
We have been trying to decorate the house as much as possible, and there were only two of us for the first few days. So we made three trips to Salvation Army, a trip to JoAnn’s, and one trip to Walmart.
I found two of these awesome lamps for $5 each at Salvation Army!! So proud of this find.

Our first home-cooked meal together, as well as some pictures of the five of us hung in the kitchen.

After a lot of elbow grease, stubbed toes, and moments of frustration, my housemate and I are really proud of how the living room turned out.

Our random wall of art; I couldn’t help myself with the little elf picture. It’s too funny.

Our party flags and pom poms are my favorite part of the room. 🙂

The lights in our kitchen!

I put some holiday lights in an old bottle and love how it turned out.

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