Sewn Party Flags!

I received my first party flags as a gift for my high school graduation. I love them, so I decided to make some myself. This is a really easy, quick project that will make any room look excellent and festive!

I just took some canvas fabric, and cut out 20 triangles. 
They don’t need to be perfect!

Next, pin the right sides of two triangles together.
Repeat this until all of your triangles are matched.

Sew down the two sides, but not the top. You need to leave this part open
so that you can later turn them right side out.
Then you need to iron the seams flat. I know this seems like 
a part you could likely skip, but DON’T! It’ll be easier in the long run
if you just take the time to iron them. (I promise!)

Lastly, turn the triangles right side out and iron them flat. 
Then sew them onto ribbon or bias tape. (I used double-fold bias 
tape so that I wouldn’t have to fold the edges under).
And now you have your party flags! You can really hang them
in any type of room! Here, they are in my room at home.
This is the final product!
And here they are in my room at school, along with my other party flags!
My room no longer looks like a jail cell. Mission accomplished.

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