Bias tape bracelets

So I went to Europe for a month with two of my best friends. 
We saw a ton of amazing places, and while in Paris, we went to a notions store. 
The amount of fabrics, bias tapes, and yarn was overwhelming, but I finally settled on a few meters each of four bias tapes. We made them into bracelets, and sewed charms onto some, while leaving others plain. 
We each added a bike charm to the skinny bias tape bracelets–they are kind of our matching souvenirs from the trip! We chose the bikes because we rented bikes one day in Brugge, Belgium and rode along the canals.

We even made them in Europe! We had to borrow scissors from the front desk at our hostel in Paris, and bought a small sewing kit from a vending machine.

I really like them because they’re easy to get on and off. There are two knots: if you move them together, the bracelet tightens. To get it off, loosen them.

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