I made this hat for someone at school, a diamond colorwork design–very easy and a quick knit.

I had been wanting to use this yarn for almost two years, but never knew what to make out of it. I finally decided to make this Impeccable Knits hat with small cables on the brim, which can be worn as a slouchy hat or a beanie with a folded up cuff.

These socks are made from 100% wool. I got the yarn for free from a family friend, and loved the fall colors. This is a really simple bulky sock pattern that I made up based on other patterns I had tried out. And they’re super warm.

One of my best friends bought me this yarn for my birthday in November, and I finally had time to make my birthday socks!


This is the white mohair infinity scarf that I started a few weeks ago. I got the idea from Erin Kate Archer, who happens to be one of my other best friends. I used size 11 needles, made it really wide, and then folded down the top and did a three-needle bind-off. It turned out lovely!

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